Chiropractic Care

Spinal Correction

At Coastline Spine & Health Center our Doctors are trained in Advanced Spinal Correction. Whether you walk in through our doors due to pain, injury or in search of optimizing health and overall function, we will search for and identify the root cause of your problem and create a personalized treatment regimen that not only focuses on your aches and pains but gives you lifelong lasting results so you become healthy and stay healthy!

Your Condition

We analyze your condition through a range of motion testing, palpation examination, state of the art posture analysis and cutting edge technology digital X-Ray. Based on your findings and individual needs we provide a detailed rehabilitation regimen which may include the utilization of chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, corrective spinal therapeutic exercises, muscle and ligament therapies, and/or at home spinal equipment.

Pre-treatment Chiropractic Care Routine

We Are Proactive!

We believe in being proactive with your chiropractic care! Health is the #1 factor in your life that affects everything else, from the way you go about your day, performance in your career, quality of sleep, athletics, and overall quality of life. The root word of the word "HEALth" is HEAL. The system in our body that controls and orchestrates all healing and function in the body is our nervous system (made up of our brain, spinal cord and nerves). Our nervous system is the only system in our body that is encased by hard bone which is why we have a skull and spine that protects these nervous system structures.

The Spine Matters.

The overall condition and position of our spine matters! Just like we take care of our teeth daily because we are constantly eating, drinking and chewing, brushing and flossing our teeth prevents the breakdown and maintains the overall health of our mouth. Our spine also receives daily stressors which include gravity, activities of daily living, sitting at a desk, labor intensive jobs, athletics, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, picking up children and much more. Coastline Spine & Health Center's advanced approach towards spinal care is why we have helped thousands of patients in Brevard county move forward in their life, with better function and able to focus on the important things in life.